• About

    Rifton Capital is a small private equity firm based in Ashland, Oregon. We invest in profitable growing companies run by teams who are passionate about what they do and need capital to expand.

    Investment Criteria

    Our target companies have revenues between $1 and $15 million. Our typical investment size is between $250,000 and $5 million. We make both minority and majority equity investments. We do not invest in start-ups.


    Unlike many other private equity firms, we don't believe in using leverage or financial engineering in an attempt to create value quickly and make an exit. We believe instead that working with management teams to build fundamentally sound, profitable companies creates the highest returns over the long term, while minimizing valuation risk due to potentially volatile external economic conditions.


    In general, we are industry agnostic and do not limit our investments to certain sectors. In the past, Rifton and its principals have made investments in companies dealing in consumer products, food/beverage, software, financial services, consumer services, real estate, and others.

    Management Buyouts

    A mangement buyout of the shares of retiring owners or non-operating partners can be a win-win for all parties involved. Rifton can help with a smooth transition by facilitating and financing an MBO transaction.


    Rifton is extremely flexible in making investments with a wide variety of exit strategies and timelines. Our fund does not have a set liquidation date, which means we are free to work with management to determine the best plan for all parties involved. In some cases, that may be working toward an exit in as soon as a year, or it might be that management desires to build and hold a profitable company over the long term.


    Since Rifton is a small firm we are typically able to run a diligence process and make investments much more quickly than traditional VC or PE firms. Our principals have run fast-growing businesses in the past and understand that sometimes there are circumstances in which growing companies need capital quickly in order to take advantage of opportunities or solve short-term liquidity issues.


    Rifton was founded and is managed by Jeff Roberts. Prior to his position with Rifton, Roberts was co-founder and CEO of Massif Mountain Gear Company, a $100 million specialty apparel company that developed advanced combat apparel for the world’s most elite teams, including the CIA, Navy SEALs, fighter pilots, snipers, SWAT, FBI, NASA, and other classified units that don’t officially exist.

  • Investments

    Portfolio Investments by Rifton and its Principals

    Mission Workshop

    Weatherproof Bags and Technical Apparel

    Based in the Mission District in San Francisco, Mission Workshop makes high-end gear and apparel with an exceptionally wide wear spectrum.

    Three Twins Ice Cream

    Craft Organic Ice Cream

    Based in Petaluma, California, Three Twins makes delicious organic ice cream sold in both traditional grocery channels and branded scoop shops.

    Trew Gear

    Direct-to-Consumer Technical Apparel

    Based in Hood River, Oregon, Trew makes highly technical stylish performance ski and snowboard apparel.

    Hola Nola Foods

    Craft Tortillas and Tortilla Chips

    Based near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Hola Nola makes non-GMO craft tortillas and tortilla chips using coconut oil instead of canola and hydrogenated oils.


    Heritage New York Potato Chips

    Based in Syracuse, NY, Terrell's has been making one of the world's finest thin and crispy potato chips since 1961.

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    Rifton Capital is located in Ashland, Oregon, a small town located about halfway between San Francisco and Portland.


    If you're interested in working with us, give us a shout.